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Thema: Seep 2012

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    Apr 2012

    Seep 2012

    Anyone already accepted? Since I have to confirm till the 13th, I was wondering if anyone has any last minute thoughts to share before the final decision...

    It's a new programme so there's no one to ask about the professors, curriculum etc. I got also accepted to Lund for a similar program to im in the proces of choosing now; I'd be happy with any remarks about SEEP.

    maybe see you in Vienna

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    Apr 2012


    I understand your concernes; I had the same thing on my mind and decided to drop out the WU. Yeah, WU is respected university and everything – but since I got acepted to another university, in UK, I rather picked up that one. there shouldn't be any problems, but still don't want to be lab rat

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    Nov 2014
    Got my interview back in march. Luckily I am accepted for this winter semester.
    In general, the interview was pretty friendly. However, as most of the time, it all depends on the people that are assigned to make interview.
    They basically ask about your motivation to be part of the masters based on your recent studies or working experience.
    They may also ask something about your latest close approach to sustainability topics, in terms of articles you've read or events you've attended


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