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Thema: SEEP Community?

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    Jan 2013

    SEEP Community?

    Dear all,

    I'm very interested in applying for SEEP '13/14

    To get 'the big picture' about the program it would be great to talk to some students about their experiences. In particular I'm curius about how many students are accepted each year (and how many apply?). I would also like to know about their studies first hand.

    So if there are SEEP students reading this I would appreciate it so much if you could contact me. Also I was looking for a facebook group or something familiar - does anyone have any information about that?


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    Jan 2013
    Hi there…

    I'm wondering about this too … I kinda have a hard time to get an imagination of what this program really is about. Thus, it'd be nice to have some first hand insights…anybody?

    @Hannah: a leaflet of the WU states that 60 students per year are granted a place. You can download that brochure here:


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    Dec 2012
    Hello! I have been accepted into the '13/'14 cohort... I have been in touch a little bit with a student in the '12/'13 cohort and he has described it as quite enjoyable, though the program is still working out some of the "kinks" that could be expected in the first year. I am pretty excited!

    I also went to google scholar and searched the names of the professors to see what types of articles they had published, and how widely-cited they were...

    I noticed that WU recently added information about the courses:

    If you click around here, you can find a little bit more information about the courses as well:

    I am not really sure how many apply -- I didn't ask that during my interview.

    My thoughts are that because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program, and the amount of effort required for the application (compared to other Master's programs that I looked into), plus the newness of the program, it probably doesn't have a HUGE amount of applicants.

    At the same time, I suspect that most applicants who do apply are probably well-suited for the program.


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    Jan 2013
    Thanks for your answers, guys! I guess you can never really know how something will turn out unless you try it

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    Nov 2009

    I'm currently thinking of applying for the SEEP master program... I'm very interested in the various topics but I'm afraid that the analysis and research methods occupy a great part of the program.
    Could any current students give some inputs please?

    Thx, Bernadette

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